Who We Are


Interested in knowing about the people behind the successful operations at Allstate Commercial Flooring? Here are the profiles of our key team members.

Tommy Vu – Vice President of Installation

Tommy Vu is the Vice President of Installation for ACF. He has been in the tile business in the Houston area for 30 years, having done installations for most of the major tile companies in the area. Some of Tommy’s large scale projects have included Reliant Stadium, Toyota Center, Saks Fifth Avenue, Katy High Schools, Dell Computer in Austin, to name a few. Tommy was founding partner of Allstate in 2008 and since then has added many new venues to his portfolio, including three buildings on the Exxon Campus.

He has the experience and skill to provide perfect completion on the most complex jobs. Tommy is OSHA trained as well, with oversight of many excellent tile setters in safety and industry regulations.

Gary Sharpe – Vice President of Estimating and Sales

Gary Sharpe is the Vice President of Estimating and Sales for ACF. He has been in the construction industry for over 30 years, 21 of those in the Houston area. He has worked for two of the largest tile and flooring companies in this area before becoming a founding partner of ACF in 2008. He’s led the company from a start up to generating over $3,000,000 in business over the last 8 years.

Gary is able to help clients make their flooring selections based on cost and practicality as well as their esthetic ambitions. Many of the architects and engineers in the area know him as a service-minded, skillful resource for fine tuning their projects.

Rusty Dennison – Vice President of Operations

Rusty is a 35 year veteran of the industry. He has worked in stone and tile installation in the field as well as at the project management level. His resume includes some of the largest contractors in Houston and some of the largest projects nationally. Among those are the $1.2 byn Two California Plaza and the Texas A&M stadium. His goal is to produce a work of art at whatever level job is needed.