Our Story

In 2007, independent of each other, Tommy Vu and Gary Sharpe were thinking about starting a Flooring Company. Turns out they had each other in mind to partner with. Gary knew Tommy had the intellect, work ethic and Installation expertise to make the business work.  As it turned out Tommy was having the same thoughts and asked Gary to partner with him in a new venture. They launched Allstate Commercial Flooring in January of 2008. As the business grew it reached a point where it needed a capital investment to take it to the next level.

In 2013 Charlie Adams purchased the company. The three men put their heads together and worked to build a team and a reputation for consistent quality work with a focus on larger projects. One of the Hallmarks of Allstate's operation is the clear division of roles. The three distinct departments, Estimating, Project Management and Field Supervision work cohesively to provide a clean transition and focus on each area of a project.

Allstate Commercial Flooring Building

In 2013 Rusty Dennison, a veteran in the Houston Tile and Stone industry, came on board as the VP of Operations. With his oversight of the Project Management and Field Supervision, Allstate has realized efficiencies and achieved consistency in the middle and back end of our projects. Gary still oversees Estimating and Sales. Tommy focuses on training our upcoming installation teams and overseeing our Field Supervisors. While having oversight of the whole company Charlie focuses on the financial piece, contract language, Benefits and together with Gary on overall Business development.

Our Approach

"The world record 400-meter Dash is 43 seconds. The world record 400-meter Relay is 37 seconds. The team approach is just better. Synergy is what makes us different."

Charlie Adams

Charlie Adams

Chief Executive

After a very successful career in Financial Advising, Charlie Adams decided to purchase the growing Allstate Commercial Flooring Company from Tommy and Gary. This capital investment secured the company's ability to maintain its growth trajectory. Charlie not only invested financially but has been a hands-on leader since purchasing the company in 2013. Thanks to Charlie's investment, ACF has been able to flesh out the original vision and maintain its healthy measured growth.

Gary Sharpe

Gary Sharpe

Vice President of Estimating & Sales

Gary Sharpe is the Vice President of Estimating and Sales for ACF. He has been in the construction industry for over 30 years, 21 of those in the Houston area. He has worked for two of the largest tile and flooring companies in this area before becoming a founding partner of ACF in 2008. He’s helped lead the company from a startup to generating over $7,000,000 in business over the last 11 years. Gary is a State Ambassador for the National Tile Contractors Association and has a passion for building relationships and providing results to the ACF customer base. Gary is always looking to expand the ACF customer base as well.

Tommy Vu

Tommy Vu

Vice President of Installation

Tommy Vu is the Vice President of Installation for ACF. He has been in the tile business in the Houston area for 30 years, having done installations for most of the major tile companies in the area. Some of Tommy’s large scale projects have included NRG Stadium, Toyota Center, Saks Fifth Avenue, Katy High Schools, Dell Computer in Austin, and the ExxonMobil Spring Campus to name a few. Tommy is a founding partner of Allstate in 2008 and continues to provide oversight to our team of Superintendents. He has the experience and skill to provide perfect completion on the most complex jobs. Tommy is 40 hour OSHA certified and is one of the only  NTCA (CTI) Certified Installers in the City of Houston.

Rusty Dennison

Rusty Dennison

Vice President of Operations

Rusty is a 35 year veteran of the industry. He has worked in stone and tile installation in the field as well as at the project management level. His resume includes some of the largest contractors in Houston and some of the largest projects nationally. Among those are the $1.2 byn Two California Plaza and the Texas A&M stadium. His goal is to produce a work of art at whatever level job is needed. Rusty brings a systematic approach and has a knack for managing multiple projects with his team of ACF Project Managers and Superintendents.

Meet the Teams

3 women in front of a marble wall with ACF


We believe that Estimating and Project Managing are two different disciplines. We have dedicated Estimators to give your project the attention it needs during the bidding process.


  • Genesis Colsman
  • Casey Toler - Chief Estimator
  • Corri Wilganowski
  • Gary Sharpe
5 team members in from of marble wall


We also have dedicated Project Managers that focus solely on bringing your project in on time and with the all of the T’s crossed and I’s dotted along the way.

Project Managers:

  • Selena Coronado - Assistant Project Manager
  • Jose Quintanilla
  • Rusty Dennison
  • Wanda Ryan - Purchasing Agent
  • Brook Williams
4 team members in from of marble wall


We actually have a third level with our Superintendents to ensure that installation practices and quality work is being performed on the job site.


  • Tommy Vu (General Superintendent)
  • Robert Vasquez
  • Bill Nguyen


Together with all of our support staff, we have streamlined our operation to be able to handle a large volume of work and provide a steady stream of quality projects from Buy-out to Close-out.

Support Staff:

  • Phyllis Willson - Office Administrator
  • SJ Ramey - Warehouse Manager


Awards & Accreditations

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