What We Do


Allstate Commercial Flooring provides excellent customer service right from the point of estimation to the project completion. Find out how each of our departments assists you in accomplishing your flooring project.

Our Estimating Team

Our estimating team assists clients with the project drawings or scope, encourages them to ask questions and offers solutions to ultimately provide an on-time, accurate and detailed proposal.

Our Project Managers

Our project managers help eliminate any lingering questions on a job, while maintaining close contact with their counterparts at the general contractor level. When it’s time for the project to officially kick off, our project managers ensure that all parts and pieces are ready to go.

Our Superintendents

Our superintendents maintain a close watch on the installation process, schedule, and other necessary steps to guide the project so that we are finished on time and on budget.

Our Office Staff

Our dedicated office staff will purchase all the project materials as well as handle the necessary paperwork, from insurance to billing and close-out documentation.

Our Installation Crews

Our installation crews are dedicated to providing the best quality product in the market. Schools, hospitals, high rise residential buildings, hotels and offices, restaurants and churches are the projects we are typically on, to name a few. Of note, we were a key player on the massive Exxon Mobile Campus recently built in Spring, TX.